The team at Home Active Physiotherapy are a mobile physiotherapy service operating in the Eastern and South-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, striving to improve physical activity, health, and quality of life in older Australians.

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Keeping you active at home, and in your community.

At Home Active Physiotherapy, we strive to deliver exceptional patient-centric care, to improve quality of life in older Australians, keeping you more active, more independent and healthier as you age.

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What services do we offer?

We strive to deliver exceptional patient-centric care, to improve quality of life in older Australians.

Home Physiotherapy

We understand that sometimes time, location and motivation can limit your ability to get to a clinic or gym and aim to bring those services to you.

Telehealth Consultations

Telehealth services can be provided upon request, in order to assess, correct and progress your exercises.

Falls Risk Assessments

We use standardised falls assessments in order to determine falls risk in each of our clients.

Exercise Programs

Programs are tailored towards individual goals after a thorough initial assessment and regularly updated.

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Products Home Active Physiotherapy

We have the right products to help you get the right results!

Home Active Physiotherapy supply top quality, tried-and-tested products to assist our patients in achieving their individual goals.

We have a very strong focus on providing friendly customer care and a premium range of products.

News & Resources

Tips and ideas to help you achieve your goals.

Am I getting enough exercise?

Brisk walking, cycling, or swimming, and even things like gardening all add up.

Five ways to fall-proof your home

Use these five helpful hints to reduce your risk of falling in your own home.

Easy ways to get Home Active

Here are our top four tips to building a healthy mind and body.

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