No, physiotherapists are first contact practitioners, which means that you do not require a referral before seeing one. However, if you are referred as part of a Chronic Disease Management Program (formerly known as Enhanced Primary Care), then this referral will need to be given to your physiotherapist at your initial appointment.

The old adage “prevention is better than a cure” holds true on several accounts, but particularly in relation to falls. Unfortunately, as we age our muscle strength begins to decline, and muscle weakness is a key predictor of future falls. While it may not be possible to completely reverse losses in strength, evidence has shown that strengthening programs significantly reduce the likelihood of falls, and improve function and independence during aging.

The frequency of sessions will vary based on several factors, including goals, falls risk, and/or proficiency with your exercises. Initially, sessions will be more frequent to ensure competence and compliance with exercises, however our goal is to empower every one of our clients to safely and independently carry out their own home exercise program. As such your sessions aim to become less frequent as you progress, with time set aside for re-assessment and exercise progression.

Yes, Home Active Physiotherapy uses HICAPS to accept health fund payments, leaving you with a gap to pay. The gap will vary depending on your level of cover. Please ensure that you have your health fund card with you during the appointment.

If your GP refers you under a Chronic Disease Management Program (formerly known as Enhanced Primary Care), then you will be eligible for up to 5 sessions covered by Medicare, provided that the treatment is directly related to the chronic condition(s) on your referral. Please note that we do charge a gap payment for Medicare clients, which is the difference between what is covered by Medicare ($54.60) and our usual fee. For more information please refer to our fees page.

Your physiotherapist will take a detailed medical history, including all current medications that you are taking. Please have a list of medications ready to speed up this process. Otherwise you will need comfortable clothes and shoes for exercising, and a positive attitude!

At Home Active Physiotherapy, the health and wellbeing of our clients is our top priority. As such we have enacted the following precautions in order to ensure safety and reduce the spread of COVID-19. Read the full COVID-19 policy here.

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