Home exercise tips to maximise your one hour

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With Melbournians now only allowed to leave their houses for one hour of exercise per day, we must now consider ways in which to maximise our benefit from a restricted schedule. For some of us, one hour is enough, while for others, particularly endurance runners or cyclists, one hour is a significant reduction in our usual training regimes. Below are some recommendations on how to get the most out of your one hour.

Plan your route carefully
Use Google maps to plan an exercise route that you can complete in an hour. Last week, my parents were very excited to announce that they had discovered a walking route that took them 58 minutes to complete, leaving very little “wasted time” in their precious hour. Often Google Maps may underestimate your typical walking speed, but using that to map a route can help to maximise your time. Alternatively, walk, run, or ride along a route for half an hour and then turn around and come back.

Hit the ground running
Particularly for those of us who would typically exceed an hour of exercise, there is no time to waste. Warm up at home, with some dynamic mobility exercises, walking or jogging around your house, to ensure you are ready to hit the ground running. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends 5-15 minutes of warm up prior to exercise, depending on the intended intensity of exercise. Likewise, a similar duration of cooling down can be performed at home after your exercise, ensuring that your one hour is free for the brunt of your activity.

Replace duration with intensity
This is something that needs to be done gradually to avoid injury, however for those who enjoy long walks exceeding an hour, adding small bursts of jogging into your routine can increase your workload in a short time. Start with thirty seconds of jogging after a few minutes of walking, and then slowly build up as you go. Alternatively, if you are fortunate enough to live in a hilly suburb, pick a route that involves more hills to force you to work harder on your walk, run or ride.

Work out at home
Just because we only have one hour allotted to us each day to leave our homes, does not mean that we cannot exercise inside too. Some of us may have exercise bikes, treadmills, ergos or crosstrainers that can easily replicate or replace some of our lost time. For the rest of us, get creative. Stairs are a great way to get the heart pumping, and even repetitions on one step can provide a good workout. A skipping rope is another option for those with enough space to use one. Finally, gardening is a great way to get both fresh air, and some exercise without encroaching on your hour.

Home Active Physiotherapy is all about promoting physical activity and exercise. Understanding that the coming weeks and months will be difficult, we are still offering free 30min telehealth discussions to suggest strategies for improving physical activity during lockdown and beyond. Click the orange button at the top-right of the page, and follow the prompts in the online booking portal to book your session today.

For those wanting a more structured approach, we also offer personalised exercise programs, which will be taught over a subsequent 60-minute telehealth session, billed at 50% of our usual extended home visit cost and eligible for private health rebates. 

We are only offering home visits during this time for clients risking significant functional decline by delaying treatment.

Stay safe. Stay active.

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