Is your body ready to return to the gym?

Is your body ready to return to the gym? Home Active Physio

As Australia begins to ease restrictions and gyms prepare to reopen in Victoria from June 22, it is time to ask yourself the question: am I ready to return to the gym?

For many, the mental aspect of this question is a no-brainer. Many of us lost our most reliable form of exercise when gyms closed their doors in March, and we have been counting down the days until we can return. Mentally we are ready.

But how about physically? We all know the importance of not overdoing things at the gym, so how have we been keeping ourselves ready for June 22nd? For many of us, the short answer is that we haven’t, and that had led many experts to voice their concerns about the heightened risk of injury as gyms begin to reopen to the public.

At a professional level, we have already seen a significant spike in injuries in Germany, with the Bundesliga football competition reporting triple their usual rate of injuries in the first week back. And experts are predicting much of the same when the AFL season resumes on Thursday.

And while some have used their increased free time in lockdown to exercise more than they did previously, others have regressed, waiting for the gyms to reopen.

To those of you in the former category, I congratulate you.

To those in the latter, please be very careful when you return to exercise. Do not start your first workout with the logic of “last time I was here I did this”; because the last time you were in a gym was likely three months ago. Instead build from the assumption that you have never been to a gym before, and gradually progress, step by step, putting aside any ego pertaining to the amount of weight on the bar.

Your body is adaptable, but it adapts slowly. Over the past few months it will likely have adapted to a very different style of living. Shocking the system with a sudden return to the gym will significantly increase your risk of injury, so it is imperative that your return to the gym is as gradual as the easing of these restrictions.

For anyone concerned about their readiness for the gym, Home Active Physiotherapy offers home visits and telehealth consultations in order to discuss how to safely progress your load as you return to the gym.

Contact Home Active Physiotherapy today on 0434 786 046 to book in your assessment today, or visit our website for more information.

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