Your physiotherapist may recommend some of the following products in order to maximise your treatment and exercise program. These products include:

Home Active Physiotherapy

Resistance Bands

We offer four different levels of resistance band, depending on the type of movement required.

Hand Weights

Hand Weights

We offer weights for upper body exercises ranging from 0.5kg to 10kg.

Weights Home Active Physiotherapy

Leg Weights

Weights that tie easily around the ankle in order to increase resistance on leg exercises. These weights range from 0.5kg to 7kg.

Heat Pads Home Active Physiotherapy

Heat Packs

Heat is often an effective way to reduce muscle tightness, and our heat packs can easily be heated up in the microwave.

These products are available for purchase from our online store. 

Please consult your physiotherapist before using these products.

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