Terms & Conditions

For the purpose of this document, “we” and “our” refer to “Home Active Physiotherapy”, and “you” and “your” refer to the clients accessing our services.

Our commitment to you

We commit to provide you with respectful care, without discrimination on the basis of age, gender, ethnicity, beliefs, sexual preference, or health status.

You have the right to be treated in a manner that respects your individuality, and you, and any family or carers that we deal with, will be treated courteously.

There should be full recognition of your needs, culture, and beliefs in all aspects of communication, assessment, and intervention.

You have the right to obtain a second opinion, and refuse treatment. Please contact us on 0434 786 046 or at info@homeactivephysio.com.au if you wish to provide feedback or make a complaint.

Your commitment to us

In order to achieve the best possible treatment outcome, we require your commitment to your treatment plan.

We conduct a thorough assessment designed to ascertain your goals and areas for improvement, which will then be used to produce your treatment plan. Once this treatment plan is developed, it is your responsibility to follow this plan, to minimise the risk of aggravating an injury and maximise your improvements.

We acknowledge an infinite number of variables can impact on the outcomes of any treatment program.

Home visit safety

For our safety, before we enter your home you must disclose to us:

  • Any dangerous goods stored within your house.
  • Any difficulty accessing your house (e.g. broken gates or doors, uneven steps or paths).
  • Any other individuals residing in your house.
  • Any pets residing in your house.

We may request that dangerous items or pets be locked away for the duration of our visit, in order to ensure our safety in your home.

We reserve the right to refuse to enter your home if we deem it unsafe.

Online consultations

You acknowledge and agree that although online consultations can be effective, an online service may not be an equal substitute for an in-person consultation with a physiotherapist.


If you believe you will be unable to make your appointment with us, please contact us as soon as possible to reschedule.

If cancellations are made on the day of treatment, and we cannot find a suitable alternative within 48hrs, we reserve the right to charge you our full consultation fee. This applies for both home visits and online cancellations.

Late or Missed appointments

If you are not home at the start of our appointment, we will attempt to contact you. If you are able to return home prior to the end of your scheduled appointment, we can provide a shorter appointment so as to not inconvenience our other clients.

As with our cancellation policy, if you miss an appointment we reserve the right to charge you our full consultation fee if we are unable to find a suitable alternative consultation within 48hrs. This applies for both home visits and online consultations.

Informed Consent

Physiotherapy treatment is generally an effective and safe form of treatment, however like any treatment there are benefits and risks. The purpose of this section is to inform you of your rights and that you will have input into decisions relating to your treatment.

You may choose to consent to or refuse any form of treatment for any reason including religious or personal grounds. Once you have given consent, you may withdraw that consent at any time.

Please note the following:

  • Your physiotherapist may ask personal questions relating to your activities of daily living, and how any injury or condition may impact upon them. The more information you provide, the more thorough our assessment and thus the more likely we can provide effective treatment. If you feel uncomfortable with a particular question, please let your physiotherapist know and they will cease.
  • During assessment and treatment is may be necessary for your physiotherapist to make physical contact. Your physiotherapist will ask permission beforehand, and you may withdraw consent at any time, at which point, all physical contact will cease immediately. Please inform your physiotherapist if you feel uncomfortable at any time.
  • With some treatments, there are risks and benefits. The physiotherapist will discuss any foreseeable risks with you prior to administering treatment. You may withdraw your consent at any time.
  • Consent from a custodial parent is required to treat a minor.

Where a person is incapable of understanding the risks and benefits of treatment, consent may be provided by another person legally authorised to provide such consent. Evidence of legal authorisation is required in such circumstances.

Consent to obtain and release information

To assist in your treatment, or any injury claim, you accept that it may be necessary to communicate the details of your treatment and functional status with treating practitioners, rehabilitation consultants, case managers, and employers.

If you have been referred by another health professional or personal trainer, it is common practice to provide a letter detailing your diagnosis and treatment plan.

You will be provided with a form to sign on your initial consultation to consent to this.

Accounts and billing

Please refer to our most recent fee schedule for an outline of our services and their associated prices.

We expect that all fees are paid in full at the time of consultation.

We accept cash, EFTPOS, credit cards, and offer electronic health rebates (via HICAPS) for your convenience.

In the event of electronic network failure, full payment is still required on the day of consultation, via telephone, or if not possible, in person at the following session.

Health insurance rebates (electronic or otherwise) can only be claimed after the service has been received.

There is no refund available on the purchase of any personal or healthcare item if you change your mind. If the item has a major defect when purchased, we can either refund or exchange the item for you. Please keep your proof of purchase.

It is not our intention to exclude anyone from accessing our services. Those who feel unable to comply with our strict billing methods, or wish to be given special consideration, are welcome to call us on 0434 786 046 or email your request to info@homeactivephysio.com.au.

Exclusion of liability

The Director and employees of Home Active Physiotherapy shall not be liable for, nor shall they accept any responsibility for any injury, loss or damage howsoever sustained by any person or persons arising out of any of the treatments or procedures delivered by us that does not arise from any negligent act or omission of the Director and employees.

Privacy Policy

The privacy of our patients and your recorded information is important to us. We will always respect your privacy.

For us to provide you with the best possible care, it is important that you trust us and share with us all the necessary information to enable us to effectively diagnose and treat you.

We follow privacy principles that enable us to protect your privacy. These principles set standards for how we handle your personal information.

What information is collected?

In the course of providing treatment, we collect health and related information about you that we consider sensitive. We have a policy that covers how your health information is collected, used, stored, disclosed, and assessed.

  • We only collect information that is necessary to provide a quality health service.
  • In the course of providing this service, we may disclose information to your treating doctor, or other health service providers from whom you are currently receiving treatment.
  • In accordance with privacy legislation, you are entitled to access any information that we hold about you. It may take time to prepare files for release.

What happens to my information?

We release some health and billing information to health insurers, third party insurers, and workers compensation authorities in order to meet their requirements to claim assessment and payment.  Your physiotherapist will discuss the information with you and will limit its release if you require. Please be aware that if you ask us to withhold certain information, it may have an impact on your insurance claim.

We will only release additional information to other parties, including insurance companies, if you provide permission for the information to be released.

For us to release information to a third party, we need to know which records you would like us to release. Requests should specify dates, where possible.

Our privacy policy applies to all employees.

Additionally, from time to time, your information may be accessed by contractors (e.g. if our computer billing system gets upgraded). While access is limited as much as possible, contractors are also bound by our privacy policy.

When we may contact you

From time to time we may send you information regarding happenings at Home Active Physiotherapy via post, email, telephone call, or SMS. Reasons we may contact you include:

  • To administer accounts and process payments.
  • To communicate with you regarding any issues affecting your treatment.
  • To provide information on services and benefits available to you.
  • To notify you of upcoming events.
  • Appointment reminders.
  • Appointment follow-up courtesy calls.
  • Promotional material about new services, products, or special offers.
  • Periodic newsletters and practice updates.
  • Satisfaction surveys to improve our products and services.


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